Dilmano Dilbero - recording

Here are the 'backing track' files you need to sing along to:

Soprano    Alto    Tenor    Bass

Click here for a pronunciation aid from Jivka

And here is the score (click)

Instructions for recording:

To record yourself you will need: 

  • A device (computer, tablet) to play the backing track
  • A device (e.g. smartphone) to film / record yourself
  • Headphones
  • The score for ‘Dilmano Dilbero’ 

Try to find a quiet place without much background noise, and ideally a neutral wall or something plain behind you.

You must listen to the music through headphones so that only your voice will be heard when you record it, not the backing track.

If you are using a phone to film/ record yourself, try to balance it so you do not need to hold it the whole time.

Film in portrait mode (phone is upright). Try to get your head / shoulders at least in the video, close enough to make out your face clearly. You can also film with a laptop or tablet if that’s easier for you.

Make a practice recording to listen to the sound quality. You may need to move the phone away from you to avoid distortion at loud moments.

There are 4 backing tracks - one for each voice: the links are at the top of this page.

The backing track starts with some clicks to give you the rhythm then plays the full song. Just sing along to your own part. If you’re not singing just smile at the camera!

Have a few practice runs, then when you’re ready start recording. It’s important to stay in time with the backing track. If you want to try another part you can make a 2nd recording. It’s also useful to make several recordings of the same part, to make the choir sound fuller. 

When you’re happy with the result send it to John (address in e mail from Anna). Please mention in your mail which voice you are singing, particularly if you make more than one recording. If the file is very large you can send it using wetransfer.com.


Please send your recordings to John by the 31st of October.