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Rehearsals are Monday evenings at GC Kontact, Avenue Orban 54, Woluwe-St.-Pierre, starting at 20:00

This season we will be singing Bach's cantata nr. 150 (BWV150) Click to hear it.

and Haydn's ‘Kleine Orgelmesse’ (Hob. XXII:7) Click to hear it.

The scores can be bought from the choir (EUR10 for the two scores). 


Practice files for Bach (click)

Practice files for Haydn (click)

These may not work on everyone's computer. I will try to make files that work for everyone soon.


Bach & Haydn Rehearsal - Bach & Haydn
First rehearsal after summer holiday

Choir singing day Weekend - Choir singing day
Concert - Eglise St. Anne Auderghem Concert - Concert - Eglise St. Anne Auderghem
Concert - Dominican Church Concert - Concert - Dominican Church
Christmas Concert Concert - Christmas Concert
A l'église Notre Dame du Chant d'Oiseau