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Obviously rehearsals are suspended in the current circumstances. 

Choir members will be kept informed of any change to the situation.

Looking forward to being able to sing together again! In the meantime there are scores to download below, and rehearsal help files.

Once we can start again you will be able to buy proper scores for the two Vivaldi pieces.

Rehearsals are Monday evenings at Fraternités du Bon Pasteur - La Bergerie, Rue Au Bois 365b/16
Woluwe-St.-Pierre, starting at 20:00

Scores are available to buy during rehearsals.

We have some simple 'choir etiquette' guidance here (click).

If you're interested in singing lessons we can recommend teachers in the Brussels area. 

Vivaldi Gloria score (click) and on YouTube (click)

Vivaldi Magnificat score (click) and on YouTube (click)

Practice files for the Vivaldi Gloria are here

Practice files for the Vivaldi Magnificat are here